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Imagine if it’s the blog and I, :D

cannot delete this blog no matter what ! :D It’s part of me now, hell or heaven, it’s my memories, after writing diary is old school, and papers can be easily throw away, not this, they make sure first and need a reason, whatt ? Yeah. So, the annoying way to delete (yes you did it, wordpress). plus the sad .swf above made me stay. The song of the .swf is so creepy! Be sure you mute when you’re reading :D Any brain seizure or problems caused by this music, I will.. try to donate at least ?

edit: damn, wordpress, when will you learn html codes?!


understand ?


I’ve been having nonsense titles this lately , this one comes with rap beats , ask her why :P

So it’s been a hell of a week . Last week , which is 13 of January , Thursday , our band teacher said that we’re all going to a band festival stuff , it’s really cool because we get to go to some big , international , school .


It look small though but it’s really big inside , illusion :D

I can go of course , it was Sunday what , but unfortunately not all of us can go , because they got no transport , so we booked a bus , but some people think that’s too expensive , then bus trip cancelled , made like quarter of us left , which is like 9 people , because we can car pool , which is quite a bad idea because we’re not on a van , 3 person go themselves , and 6 of us stuck in a car . Of course that’s nearly impossible , so some of us went to our band coach’s car since he’s leading the way to the school . 8am . After we reach , after the woah , and after registering , we met few teachers , and she asked some students there to give us a tour , he showed us the workshops we’re going to be practice at , and toilets ! After that , he brought us straight into the school’s theater , I know right !? There’s so many people , it’s organized by Yamaha , and there are like 16 schools all together , all of them are from either boarding school or international schools . And then we saw this man standing on the conductor’s stage , he introduce himself and anyone else , tell us about the schedule , and many more . He wanted us to move our hands in various ways to refresh our brain , because it’s going to be a tiring day , facing our instrument all day .


We took this picture in the theater ,

After the man stop talking , we went to our own workshops , which is separated by instruments , and start practicing the song they gave us , which we never played before , there are three songs in total , some are easy , some even us , trombones have solos , solos are so not fun . My trombone tutor is a Malay with an awesome US accent , he taught us how to breathe in more more more by pushing down your diaphragm , and many many stuffs . After we done , we had a snack break , my friends and I meet again there in the canteen , it’s a short 20minute break , so we didn’t do much and back to workshop , take our instrument , and go straight to the theater , that’s what we must do because the schedule says so . In the theater , there’s our conductor , he assigned us to our seats , I am with the second trombones , and right in front of the percussions . The way it feels is so different than when we was playing in school , it’s like , so amazing , what an awesome experience . After the theater practice is done , we went for our lunch , which is like 1 hour , so we give ourselves a bigger tour and we found a rugby field , 3 basketball courts and a swimming pool , I can’t tell which of my friends is the real camwhore but who cares , if it isn’t him/her , my blog won’t extend a little bigger :D

162937_492388677326_717607326_6731133_6551527_n 163739_492389132326_717607326_6731135_4907140_n 168241_1528166521254_1147433426_31162830_4966562_n

164838_492388802326_717607326_6731134_307223_n 162647_492388552326_717607326_6731132_26155_n 168462_1528164121194_1147433426_31162821_4307421_n

Nuff said , click to enlarge

We lost 1 person , he’s not taking the picture , it’s a timer camera from her phone , the dude who lost in the picture , he made some friends I think , and he went and join them , we can’t find him until the lunchtime is over . Then we went back to our workshop , practice and practice and practice , it’s like the clock won’t move , but it’s kind of fun , you can’t be bored in class if you got an awesome tutor :D And then snack break again , and it ends , and we went theater again , now we played better , we can actually finish all 3 songs already , thanks to our conductor , he’s a real British I think , or American , see yourself at the end of this topic . Apparently we have the same shirt because she went shopping on Friday and bought me one too , 3 doesn’t mean anything though . After the time is up , we went back home , I follow that missing dude , Soo , and we both slept in his mom’s car , and the girls went back themselves . 5pm

The next day morning , the girls and Soo were trying to get in the car , 5 person at the backseat , I am the only one who’s relaxing because I am the fattest , if I sit behind , surely nobody can fit in the car already . We reached the school late because of the other 3 boys were late too , and we followed them , good thing we’re right in time reaching the theater , and without much stuffs , we do those stupid moves again , refreshing our brain . And walk straight to the workshop . While the seniors are playing at the theater . That day , which is Sunday , is the day we’re going to perform in front of 600 peoples , 600 I think . Then we went to the theater and practice , that’s when we played the all 3 songs perfectly , we used 2 days for 3 songs , 8 hours of instrument-people relationship , and the results on that performance . After the theater practice is done , we have our lunchtime . Of course , Soo came along this time .

163430_1528170481353_1147433426_31162841_5057546_n 168793_1528168761310_1147433426_31162839_3776932_n

And we went play basketball , made Soo and I sweaty , which is also fun because that made us less nervous about the performance , before we get in the stage , our sweat are gone . Then we perform ~

The stage lights are really bright , made my trombone reflects , and the crowds are dark , what you can only see is the light , conductor and the scores . After we done performing , we went out and took some pictures too ,



And our last picture with our conductor .


Fun times :D


About the title

A ukulele , thanks will.i.am to hold it for me (: It’s a very cute four strings instrument :D I want oneeee !!

Just kidding , it looks so easy to play . Anyway , school started , and I can’t sleep well , I woke up at around 3 in the morning I think , then watch some tv shows , trying to go back to sleep , I was thinking nothing at all , come on it’s just school , there’s nothing to afraid of . I bath , first time of my life that I don’t feel cold at all , even the water is already so cold , for me how I thought that if I turn off the heat , maybe I won’t have flu afterward ? Then I reached school very early , it’s too early but at least I saw a friend there earlier than I did , yeah that’s him . So I wait and wait , she came and we didn’t really talk much because there’s a bunch of teachers there and she’s worried about some interview stuffs , so it’s really going to be a hard few days for me , why ? Because she can’t focus while I am around , but I stay , see I’m bad :P

The teachers are like the worst of the school I guess , but I think they tried their best for not letting us sleeping , teacher , the dream killer eh ? Recess and yeah I find her she ask me to leave I leave and felt bad , I find that I can lost temper by just sitting there , I guess I need some hibernation . When school ends , I went to find her for the whole school , I didn’t seem to find her and she’s actually waiting for me outside the backgate , my luck isn’t so well after all , plus it’s raining , I don’t want to mention that bad moment . I came home and sleep , had a really great sleep while I skipped dinner , gym going and dad is forcing me to wake up but I can’t . I’m a strong sleeper aren’t I ? :P

Then the installation is finished , I got Adobe Lightroom CS5 and Adobe Fireworks CS5 :D

Both cracked .


It has a really cool color theme , but I don’t really know how it really works , VIDEO TUTORIAL :P


this is Adobe Fireworks , it’s all grey , I did no edits , viscous alien paint !! :D

Then the next day , school day again , early in the morning before the school starts , she asked me to leave again , so I left her while recess while I went and buy those exercise books , which is so necessary and I bought it on the last minute before I was suppose to use it , or I’ll be looking for her already . Science is awesome , because the others aren’t . School ends again , I didn’t really go find her anymore since she’s going for her prefect meeting stuff , and what the heck she was waiting for me in her class . How I know that , because we went the same tuition , ahh I miss that tuition center which I’ve been quitting for the whole holiday because she did .

Then today , school again , she asked me to leave again , stuffs just won’t stop repeating . Some teachers just don’t really like me I guess , maybe my look is taking over my reputation , I did her homework , I asked her about it , I wasn’t noisy also , and she just happen to hate me , I gave up Malay , thank you teacher .

That’s all , now her interview is over , I hope she made it and I hope she went back to the old her :P

au revoir .


So there’s this cat who came to the window while I am blogging , this is how the title came , it doesn’t relate to anything though , just some really lame title that can take over the first post of 2011 , plus she hates cat .

I was sleeping until I heard fireworks splitting at the sky , it’s really nice if you watch it but I live under a roof instead I felt annoyed by those noisy stuffs , it was like thousands of people running over mines , BAM BAM BAM .

So instead of fake dreaming of fireworks , or hiding under my blanket so the noise will become softer(not much really) , I stood up , and walked to my computer . It’s obvious/guessable how will facebook be like


no , I made that out and LOL you saw that birthday thingy ?


Oh my God it’s my birthday did you guys know that !


Okay speak out , start posting happy birthday on my wall NOW .

Just kidding , this is my stupid backup account , how does it come from , some game I guess . I am lazy so the birth date is kind of untouched , really . So back to topic , I on facebook , they are spamming walls about stuffs , some with really weird fonts , some weird people *correction . And also sad people , apparently I am one of ‘em , why ? Because she didn’t online , and I wanted to be the first person to greet her , in the end , I was the last . Then I happen to be tagged in some random photo that show a boy describes a girl at the last second of 2010 , aw isn’t he so sweet , but he’s describing to another girl in another conversation , hope that lucky girl appreciates it . After that , I got bored , my first boring moment of the year seems to be approximately 33minutes after 2010 , like I ever care . And then she finally called , telling me that she went some countdown party with friends , so that proves what I said above that I was not the first who greets her and I was the last unless you go and greet her now and I’ll be the second last :D

And unfortunately that will be the last call for two days , she’s hell of a busy girl . We chat until like 3 or 4 , I forgot , I felt asleep , and I woke up at 5PM , what the bish .

Then I played some guitar solo’s I just learned , bathed , and nothing else , another boring moment came so fast .

and finally ! Something about Starcraft . What’s so good about it ,

user posted image

Credits and stuffs you wanted to know it’s all in the picture ,

Well I kind of bought the game so my PMR result is going down . Just kidding , it’s not really addictive , I just love the graphic and the storyline , it’s kind of failure but who cares , they have really nice graphic , what can you do in 10 years , really nice graphic and BATTLECRUISER :D


this is one of the small ones , buy the game to see the big ones :D


and some in-game screenshot , my computer won’t last long if I turn on the high quality mode , so this is the LOWEST yes LOWEST quality they can give and it’s kind of laggy already . Want the high quality one

I know right it’s so bright and smoooooth :D compared to mine , urgh ._.

Alrighties that’s all , you’ve made it to the end of the post , awesome ,

au revoir .


Howdeh , I’ve been busy this lately , and it’s not really a busy-fun kind busy always , it’s really making me regret sometimes . It’s amazing to have a really what the heck phone with my while I am away from my computer , the phone I was mentioning , I am mentioning I mean , is

It’s not really T-Mobile , it’s my dad’s sub phone I think , I don’t know the version of this phone , I randomly google searched nokia phone , and it gave me this hell of a picture of a correct phone , what the heck , does that means it’s popular like the others too ? :D he borrowed me for the days of my family camp , family camp as I mean

This is it , some camp that almost ruined my relationship with her , WHAT ? No , it was like , I was kind of a helper , volunteer stuffs , which is so busy , and I got no time to text , so there’s like AHH WHAT THE HECK ,



Yea that’s me hopping around , feeling so happy , without knowing the other side of myself ,


and she was sad about some stuffs meantime

so my


went out of battery ,

and I was at

I did’nt know about


and I was

I am really sorry .

Again , I am really sorry . I left home for like 2 weeks , staying at my cousin’s house , no wonder I felt not the same at all .


thumbs up for another emo post