so yeah I’m going to blog madly


if you’re interested , you can try the webpage test below , just scroll a little unless your screen is like 20’ or more ,


if you see this , yay :D


if you see this , hi 5 :D

my bro been watching some chinese series thru his laptop now , and streaming it , made the internet slower , oh my god tortoise . So if anyone out there knows how to block ip thru Aztech , please , PLEASE tell me how , it will be so honored , back in those days of designing , I can’t post anything , or email , like this picture above , so bro , you ruined my carrier


stop flattering about that bastard , he’s totally hopeless , he actually opened like 3 or 4 packets of instant noodles and you can see anywhere in the kitchen , elite ! Because of that kind of stuffs happened , I’ve been turning off his laptop , not using it without telling and trying to hide so I shut down , no I am not that dumb , I’ll just try my best to shut it and you’ll never be able to on it again , someday you’ll see .

what so good about series , you see I missed like a couple of how I met your mother and I don’t feel sad at all .

And my cousin and I downloaded , download okay , not watch online , it’s friggin’ illegal I know , but who pay tickets for such old movie ,

silent hill

it’s quite a really scary poster , so read fast people ! Don’t link away , she’ll stalk you >:)

It’s a nice movie , and yes it’s scary too , but not really scary , it’s just like some really wtf scenes , by that I mean ,


yup it’s like that . We finished the movie because we wanted to find a way to finish this silent hill game , the game is actually scarier than the movie , it’s not really the same though , so it’s wasted , but we still enjoyed it , it’s amazing :D Yeah we watch in the afternoon , it’s too scary to watch in the dark :P


so as you can see I made this video , if you haven’t add me in facebook then forget bout it :D It’s really stupid

alright that’s all , I was sleeping so much , now I want to sleep again , yeah ciaos


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