patapon 2 :P

I was ordered by her to blog :P

I got a little rhythm left in my mind after these two things

Patapon 2 .

of course , not the Japanese version , it’s a psp game and it’s like making your own army and bringing them to war , commanding them by beats ? :D It’s hard to say if you never ever tried once so , yeah . You should try !! No I don’t have a psp instead I’m using my cousin’s one , my brother is too selfish to borrow from I guess . BOM BOM CHAKA CHAKA :D

Rhapsodrums .

I know right ! Rap so drums :D Just kidding , this is a little bit like some art stuffs , they perform in very creative ways , you can tell by the poster already , they performed in klpac yesterday , what can I say except it’s awesome ! :D yeah and drums , of course coming with rhythm , so I should start making my own beats from now on , psych :P


so I’ve been rhyming with a friend too , you can’t read ? Don’t worry just click it I am just kidding , don’t , it will spoil your vision :D It’s copyrighted ! So this weekend I’m going to Bukit Gambang , hope it will be a lot of fun , and skipping those stupid sharing moments .

My cousin and I were finding some old games to play too , those stupid multiplayer game , it does bring back memories too , plus I know I’ve been blogging so less this lately , will bring back my blog mood as hard as I can , come on things , happen on me !! :D


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