Howdeh , I’ve been busy this lately , and it’s not really a busy-fun kind busy always , it’s really making me regret sometimes . It’s amazing to have a really what the heck phone with my while I am away from my computer , the phone I was mentioning , I am mentioning I mean , is

It’s not really T-Mobile , it’s my dad’s sub phone I think , I don’t know the version of this phone , I randomly google searched nokia phone , and it gave me this hell of a picture of a correct phone , what the heck , does that means it’s popular like the others too ? :D he borrowed me for the days of my family camp , family camp as I mean

This is it , some camp that almost ruined my relationship with her , WHAT ? No , it was like , I was kind of a helper , volunteer stuffs , which is so busy , and I got no time to text , so there’s like AHH WHAT THE HECK ,



Yea that’s me hopping around , feeling so happy , without knowing the other side of myself ,


and she was sad about some stuffs meantime

so my


went out of battery ,

and I was at

I did’nt know about


and I was

I am really sorry .

Again , I am really sorry . I left home for like 2 weeks , staying at my cousin’s house , no wonder I felt not the same at all .


thumbs up for another emo post


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