So there’s this cat who came to the window while I am blogging , this is how the title came , it doesn’t relate to anything though , just some really lame title that can take over the first post of 2011 , plus she hates cat .

I was sleeping until I heard fireworks splitting at the sky , it’s really nice if you watch it but I live under a roof instead I felt annoyed by those noisy stuffs , it was like thousands of people running over mines , BAM BAM BAM .

So instead of fake dreaming of fireworks , or hiding under my blanket so the noise will become softer(not much really) , I stood up , and walked to my computer . It’s obvious/guessable how will facebook be like


no , I made that out and LOL you saw that birthday thingy ?


Oh my God it’s my birthday did you guys know that !


Okay speak out , start posting happy birthday on my wall NOW .

Just kidding , this is my stupid backup account , how does it come from , some game I guess . I am lazy so the birth date is kind of untouched , really . So back to topic , I on facebook , they are spamming walls about stuffs , some with really weird fonts , some weird people *correction . And also sad people , apparently I am one of ‘em , why ? Because she didn’t online , and I wanted to be the first person to greet her , in the end , I was the last . Then I happen to be tagged in some random photo that show a boy describes a girl at the last second of 2010 , aw isn’t he so sweet , but he’s describing to another girl in another conversation , hope that lucky girl appreciates it . After that , I got bored , my first boring moment of the year seems to be approximately 33minutes after 2010 , like I ever care . And then she finally called , telling me that she went some countdown party with friends , so that proves what I said above that I was not the first who greets her and I was the last unless you go and greet her now and I’ll be the second last :D

And unfortunately that will be the last call for two days , she’s hell of a busy girl . We chat until like 3 or 4 , I forgot , I felt asleep , and I woke up at 5PM , what the bish .

Then I played some guitar solo’s I just learned , bathed , and nothing else , another boring moment came so fast .

and finally ! Something about Starcraft . What’s so good about it ,

user posted image

Credits and stuffs you wanted to know it’s all in the picture ,

Well I kind of bought the game so my PMR result is going down . Just kidding , it’s not really addictive , I just love the graphic and the storyline , it’s kind of failure but who cares , they have really nice graphic , what can you do in 10 years , really nice graphic and BATTLECRUISER :D


this is one of the small ones , buy the game to see the big ones :D


and some in-game screenshot , my computer won’t last long if I turn on the high quality mode , so this is the LOWEST yes LOWEST quality they can give and it’s kind of laggy already . Want the high quality one

I know right it’s so bright and smoooooth :D compared to mine , urgh ._.

Alrighties that’s all , you’ve made it to the end of the post , awesome ,

au revoir .


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