About the title

A ukulele , thanks will.i.am to hold it for me (: It’s a very cute four strings instrument :D I want oneeee !!

Just kidding , it looks so easy to play . Anyway , school started , and I can’t sleep well , I woke up at around 3 in the morning I think , then watch some tv shows , trying to go back to sleep , I was thinking nothing at all , come on it’s just school , there’s nothing to afraid of . I bath , first time of my life that I don’t feel cold at all , even the water is already so cold , for me how I thought that if I turn off the heat , maybe I won’t have flu afterward ? Then I reached school very early , it’s too early but at least I saw a friend there earlier than I did , yeah that’s him . So I wait and wait , she came and we didn’t really talk much because there’s a bunch of teachers there and she’s worried about some interview stuffs , so it’s really going to be a hard few days for me , why ? Because she can’t focus while I am around , but I stay , see I’m bad :P

The teachers are like the worst of the school I guess , but I think they tried their best for not letting us sleeping , teacher , the dream killer eh ? Recess and yeah I find her she ask me to leave I leave and felt bad , I find that I can lost temper by just sitting there , I guess I need some hibernation . When school ends , I went to find her for the whole school , I didn’t seem to find her and she’s actually waiting for me outside the backgate , my luck isn’t so well after all , plus it’s raining , I don’t want to mention that bad moment . I came home and sleep , had a really great sleep while I skipped dinner , gym going and dad is forcing me to wake up but I can’t . I’m a strong sleeper aren’t I ? :P

Then the installation is finished , I got Adobe Lightroom CS5 and Adobe Fireworks CS5 :D

Both cracked .


It has a really cool color theme , but I don’t really know how it really works , VIDEO TUTORIAL :P


this is Adobe Fireworks , it’s all grey , I did no edits , viscous alien paint !! :D

Then the next day , school day again , early in the morning before the school starts , she asked me to leave again , so I left her while recess while I went and buy those exercise books , which is so necessary and I bought it on the last minute before I was suppose to use it , or I’ll be looking for her already . Science is awesome , because the others aren’t . School ends again , I didn’t really go find her anymore since she’s going for her prefect meeting stuff , and what the heck she was waiting for me in her class . How I know that , because we went the same tuition , ahh I miss that tuition center which I’ve been quitting for the whole holiday because she did .

Then today , school again , she asked me to leave again , stuffs just won’t stop repeating . Some teachers just don’t really like me I guess , maybe my look is taking over my reputation , I did her homework , I asked her about it , I wasn’t noisy also , and she just happen to hate me , I gave up Malay , thank you teacher .

That’s all , now her interview is over , I hope she made it and I hope she went back to the old her :P

au revoir .


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