I’ve been having nonsense titles this lately , this one comes with rap beats , ask her why :P

So it’s been a hell of a week . Last week , which is 13 of January , Thursday , our band teacher said that we’re all going to a band festival stuff , it’s really cool because we get to go to some big , international , school .


It look small though but it’s really big inside , illusion :D

I can go of course , it was Sunday what , but unfortunately not all of us can go , because they got no transport , so we booked a bus , but some people think that’s too expensive , then bus trip cancelled , made like quarter of us left , which is like 9 people , because we can car pool , which is quite a bad idea because we’re not on a van , 3 person go themselves , and 6 of us stuck in a car . Of course that’s nearly impossible , so some of us went to our band coach’s car since he’s leading the way to the school . 8am . After we reach , after the woah , and after registering , we met few teachers , and she asked some students there to give us a tour , he showed us the workshops we’re going to be practice at , and toilets ! After that , he brought us straight into the school’s theater , I know right !? There’s so many people , it’s organized by Yamaha , and there are like 16 schools all together , all of them are from either boarding school or international schools . And then we saw this man standing on the conductor’s stage , he introduce himself and anyone else , tell us about the schedule , and many more . He wanted us to move our hands in various ways to refresh our brain , because it’s going to be a tiring day , facing our instrument all day .


We took this picture in the theater ,

After the man stop talking , we went to our own workshops , which is separated by instruments , and start practicing the song they gave us , which we never played before , there are three songs in total , some are easy , some even us , trombones have solos , solos are so not fun . My trombone tutor is a Malay with an awesome US accent , he taught us how to breathe in more more more by pushing down your diaphragm , and many many stuffs . After we done , we had a snack break , my friends and I meet again there in the canteen , it’s a short 20minute break , so we didn’t do much and back to workshop , take our instrument , and go straight to the theater , that’s what we must do because the schedule says so . In the theater , there’s our conductor , he assigned us to our seats , I am with the second trombones , and right in front of the percussions . The way it feels is so different than when we was playing in school , it’s like , so amazing , what an awesome experience . After the theater practice is done , we went for our lunch , which is like 1 hour , so we give ourselves a bigger tour and we found a rugby field , 3 basketball courts and a swimming pool , I can’t tell which of my friends is the real camwhore but who cares , if it isn’t him/her , my blog won’t extend a little bigger :D

162937_492388677326_717607326_6731133_6551527_n 163739_492389132326_717607326_6731135_4907140_n 168241_1528166521254_1147433426_31162830_4966562_n

164838_492388802326_717607326_6731134_307223_n 162647_492388552326_717607326_6731132_26155_n 168462_1528164121194_1147433426_31162821_4307421_n

Nuff said , click to enlarge

We lost 1 person , he’s not taking the picture , it’s a timer camera from her phone , the dude who lost in the picture , he made some friends I think , and he went and join them , we can’t find him until the lunchtime is over . Then we went back to our workshop , practice and practice and practice , it’s like the clock won’t move , but it’s kind of fun , you can’t be bored in class if you got an awesome tutor :D And then snack break again , and it ends , and we went theater again , now we played better , we can actually finish all 3 songs already , thanks to our conductor , he’s a real British I think , or American , see yourself at the end of this topic . Apparently we have the same shirt because she went shopping on Friday and bought me one too , 3 doesn’t mean anything though . After the time is up , we went back home , I follow that missing dude , Soo , and we both slept in his mom’s car , and the girls went back themselves . 5pm

The next day morning , the girls and Soo were trying to get in the car , 5 person at the backseat , I am the only one who’s relaxing because I am the fattest , if I sit behind , surely nobody can fit in the car already . We reached the school late because of the other 3 boys were late too , and we followed them , good thing we’re right in time reaching the theater , and without much stuffs , we do those stupid moves again , refreshing our brain . And walk straight to the workshop . While the seniors are playing at the theater . That day , which is Sunday , is the day we’re going to perform in front of 600 peoples , 600 I think . Then we went to the theater and practice , that’s when we played the all 3 songs perfectly , we used 2 days for 3 songs , 8 hours of instrument-people relationship , and the results on that performance . After the theater practice is done , we have our lunchtime . Of course , Soo came along this time .

163430_1528170481353_1147433426_31162841_5057546_n 168793_1528168761310_1147433426_31162839_3776932_n

And we went play basketball , made Soo and I sweaty , which is also fun because that made us less nervous about the performance , before we get in the stage , our sweat are gone . Then we perform ~

The stage lights are really bright , made my trombone reflects , and the crowds are dark , what you can only see is the light , conductor and the scores . After we done performing , we went out and took some pictures too ,



And our last picture with our conductor .


Fun times :D


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