so my cousin came ,

we had fun , played basketball , anything that comes with the word fun , yeah

we even made some super spicy fried noodles :)

which is so nice until your tears came , I’d never cry so much for a noodle , oh my :D

and her birthday came :D

I didn’t bring a camera and I don’t have a


, so it’s picture looting time

so we went redbox , a karaoke place , I don’t sing , and I will not sing for sure , it’s really fun to see them being so crazy singing crazily and standing on the sofa , sometimes they

“just dance”

Meantime my ♥ and I was sitting in the corner listening and kissing , she actually slept , I was worried that she’s bore , but I can’t resist to see her cute sleeping face too , ahh . It’s a secret surprise party , her friends made a cake for her and keep it as a secret , she was touch , I think she was crying , never actually notice because she was kinda a surrounded by


that time , she’d never looked so happy , and it’s a really nice cake too ! So she got presents from her friends , except from me because I don’t really have any idea what present is the best for her , yeah , so I asked her to choose herself , it’s a really hard time to ask her because all she want is something else , which is unaffordable , guess what is it

“bad romance”

nah I was just kidding , keep guessing , just want to finish the LADYGAGA stuff :D

So the present is Patrick the red dog , not the starfish

it looks like Clifford to me , except for those small eyes he got , it’s so adorable isn’t he :D


and I was kissing her head ♥ where she stores me

our shoes , it’s really dark in the karaoke room ,


and this is the un-spicy cake she cried on , it’s cute but hard

so the picture’s source is from , ♥’s phone , maggie’s album .

great day

happy birthday i love you :P


I wanna sit close to you

I woke up early yesterday mornin’ , no transport so I had to go early , on the way

to the gate and nobody’s there , it will be borin’ , should’ve bring basketball to play

I saw my school’s security guard checkin’ classes , he came , there’s band practice I say

he let me in , I went to the canteen , it’s freezin’ , but there’s where I got to stay

waitin’ for two hours ,

had a bad flu , wish there’s a towel , so I ran to the toilet and wash over

my nose , my face , it’s like sober , I thought it will be the best November

because this month’s 22nd , my primary school friends and I could gather

unfortunately I can’t really join them anymore , because I had to company her

I would rather let everything go like staying in school because for her ,

it’s not really a big matter ,

so whenever

the mosquitoes came , I changed my bed , which is a bench in some rest spot

it’s hard so sleep , even though I’m not afraid of dark , when the Sun comes it’s hot

since it’s too bright , I woke up , didn’t really get to sleep , so I planned to walk ,

walking around the empty school , it’s quite small so it gets a little bored ,

I don’t know the time , I wish they change the battery of the clock ,

and how weird because I found a mosquito under my sock ,

I don’t have a watch , or a phone ,

plus I am in the school all alone ,

I felt like calling dad ,

so he could bring me back home ,

but for her sake , a hug

I rather go school in dark

no matter how much it sucks

I’ll never leave her frown stuck ,

she felt sad for her result ,

her mom’s going to scold her no doubt ,

so this is what all the hug about ,

throw away her worry and let her know it’s not her fault ,

so she came after another round of flu ,

so happy to see her , and excited too ,

she made my day with her beautiful

smile , and whatever she will do ,

I wanna sit close to you ,

but you move away ,

you made me look like a fool ,

because you scare what they’ll say ,

I accept for that , it’s her reputation , and I’m like a devil’s creation ?

it’s nothing about our relation , I wasn’t hoping this to happen

but who cares ,

after that we’re like so close , I can’t help but to stare

her every single moment , I can’t help but to bear

our distance because of our different instrument ,

so while rest time , I bought her a lollipop at 7-eleven ,

orange juice and a bread for her breakfast ,

I was feeding her first ,

then she feed me back , thus

we get closer , she looks happy

and it’ll never make my day crappy

she just won’t stop giving any

cute faces and some very

adorable smiley

it was the first time I blow a trumpet ,

it’s not really like trombone , instead

it has a higher tune , and it’s hard to blow

I learnt to blow , but very slow

and the they ends she walked back with her friend ,

we didn’t actually hug , because she was afraid ,

I was worried to and I really hope I could send

her back , but her mom will scold she said


Well in the end her parents didn’t scold her at all , because she got improve :D What a day , so I went back home and had a really comfy nap , that day does gone pretty well , so kinda made a poem –.- for it . inspiration from here , okays that’s all .

the poem says it all , :D


How to predict 2012 ? -wf

first get a very light and hard or just some really really old


burn it from inside , for very high temperature and put inside a tough container , like

iPhone4’s tough glass

oxygen inside too of course , and count the year the rock has been

2008 minus Age of the rock

and the total of it , if it’s

2 let it spin around the Sun for 2 times

if it’s too far , get closer to the Sun

and the distance will shorter but the time on the rock remains

so the rock and earth’s time is different now , of course , a camera with it , what if

The camera can’t send the information

come on ,

a long wire

would help , very long one , and tough too , and

The Sun is hot

it get closer to the Sun but before everything melts , but

the speed will cool it down

The camera too ,  so when both they rock and the camera reach


in their year

stop them and watch

i know it’s stupid :P


I woke up at 9 today , because I heard some kids around , and yesh , my cousins are here , ever thought how life could be happy when the time we all gather together plus no worries , yeah so much of a big family , but seriously instead of this


Aw come on , I changed

Recently , they are spreading gossips around without me knowing , which is kind of the smartest thing ever , what gossip ? The stupid status I posted last time , or it just some rumor , they hope I can understand , I hope they can understand too , my God . Like bad stuffs happened everyday , Aaron kind of ask me whether I wanted to quit yesterday , and a day before yesterday it’s the hell of a damn message , and today this , what’s up God .

Okay I admit , I did the stupidest thing ever , I asked . It’s taking me tons of guts to start and it’s hard to accept the answer , now I know how exam worth a lot , just answer and everything will be fine , right ? Still in everyway , Facebook sucks .

But who cares you’re not my only cousin , right ? The closest cousin I had , also treated me the same way you see , how does these days , months come , it started all because of me eh ? Okay I know I am just another one you guys should avoid , it’s everywhere in my hometown now , once I go back , I’m a disgrace . Ah , nevermind , I shouldn’t put myself so much on these right ? Better be positive , she smiled didn’t she . My God I feel bad , like all the time . How to see whether you’re blocked ? You can just go to one’s profile , and you can’t see their wall , it’s nothing but it still hurts a lot.

I am freaking listening to classical music

seriously oh my God , I was scrolling up and down in Facebook , and I found this video with a bearded guy picture , I find it funny , once I press play , I can’t stop the music until it ends , it’s just so beautiful . What song ? Ave Maria .

it’s like some kind of song that can cool me down , so when I am mad , let me listen this song wifie :P Well of course , M.Shadows’ voice is still the best , you can’t compare , but

different genre have their advantage , different people have their mistake

and I just made another stupid quote .

hell whaa my post are getting shorter and shorter :(


Well they say drink milk if you can’t sleep tonight , all it left is chocolate milk in the fridge , after drinking it I realise chocolate gives us energy , also reminded me of that day she specially gave me chocolates on the basketball game day , aww :)

If you can’t sleep , watch mythbusters

Not being offensive , it just happens to be on television every time I can’t sleep , that’s no joke back there , I need some new tv shows , come on , one that could make me sleep at least ? Hell yeah I know what can make me sleep , blogging. I am going to spend everything I have for this post , nah I am just kidding , I need some ideas for what am I going to dream afterwards too , crocodiles ? Anyway , I was promised to blog tonight , but I ended up aren’t so blogging at all , so this is kind of a payback , so yeah you , you can read more , I can rest more while you read , and welcome to my blog anyway. So today was a hell of a day , ever played computer for the whole day ? Neh that’s so common , who doesn’t ? Right , you only spent like 3 days in a row right , so lets compete , nah I can’t *yawn* i wann-*yawn*-a sleep already . I got flu , how weird because all the time the air-cond is on , but I’d never got flu from this living room air-cond , weird , maybe some stupid dust , or soft toys are coming alive , nah I think it’s just the rain , it’s raining season , so it’s common to have flu , let’s have flu together :D My eyes are going to shut , damn blogging to sleep is seriously effective , I don’t mean short post , I mean long post , no wonder people sleep while reading my blog , right , I even sleep by reading myself , ahh , no wonder !


Made my day , I made some really lame jokes today I don’t know why , as long as it made myself laugh , it worth a lot .

Yeah in the end the file is corrupted , psych ! I am no fortune teller , I don’t predict stuffs , just sometimes , all the times , like I can predict that you are the only person who actually read until here , why ? Come on , 22 hits/a day is seriously a very low amount , it’s like 20 are passing by , 1 is stealing my pictures , and the other one is you :) I think my blog can make you feel special , why , because you’re the only one in the world who ever read a blog with no password secured and words all the place , I suggest you to be a listener of your emo , sad friends , it would help a lot , literally . Nah your emo friend doesn’t know me :P

Ahh I’m writing stupid stuffs again didn’t I ? Not about the post below , it doesn’t changes me at all , there’s just some kind of weird way to be treated , how ? I am getting advices , that is rar-im just kidding , I got a lot of advices this month , like , don’t give up , the choice is in your hand , you can be more better if you hardwork , it’s still the same anyway , I’m quitting means I’m quitting , maybe I’ll be regret someday , but it’s honored to forget someone like you too. Yeah , like without a phone doesn’t mean you’re friendless ,

I can just give up on anything because all I wanted is to trust you , and your lies .

I don’t care , I can fly , because I’m your neighborhood-if-you-live-in-some-rich-apartment

thanks to *PaulSizer .

Ah , I miss writing poems on my blog , remember those days ? No ? Those daaaaysssss


I was a Mr. Emo back there , while finding this old post , I’ve found out how much I’d typed these few months , hell wha? Yeah , I’ll never give up rhyming you see , that’s all I got left to spread out my hates or pain , or sometimes something sweet and I’ll rap it for her , only ! :P In the end it’s just some stupid rhyming game , so if you want any lyrics , give me a call ? Psych I got no phone , speaking about no phone , I want a phone , please . Everybody that passes me is texting , nah it’s okay , even if I got a handphone , the credits are still going to end up like the house phone did , so to be aware , don’t buy me a new phone I suggest , what am I saying .

Okays that’s all I got , rest of it is for my dreamland

“When you dream of crocodiles chasing you , you must be missing crocodile hunter a lot” –wf



nevermind , long as I can get you out of my mind , leave all those lies behind

and guess what I saw


Photoshop does save some vocabulary from children

Yes , that font again , what the hell . Don’t know wad type of , seriously-hatethatcolor-blue and bold , who’s that ! Figure out yourself . This piece of humorous paragraph made my day , tons of funny jokes can’t beat this , except for some kid get poked , or elephants playing with water I don’t know . My God , if you get any mails like this , call me , I know how you feel , but you must share your laughter with me , come on , we are friends aren’t we ?

Then I blocked him , prevent any dramatic stuffs happen , such as


Nope , not photoshopped , oh boy .

After all , it’s just like fake medicine which is just sugar that took by comedians before they went on stage , if you never realize someone you trust can be just a traitor , people are laughing at you , not your jokes already . So let’s get on if you don’t get what I mean , it’s some sort of emotional words that can make someone emotional too , yes I got that power in me . What the heck , tomorrow there’s band practice , no more bye bye to school , good thing I got no schoolphobia like once I did in primary school , it was absolute scareh . I can at least meet some friends , and girlfriend mostly :P

Yay my mood is back when I talk about her .

And of course , there’s gathering hosted by my primary friends too this holiday , made my home sweeter . Ever realise if only you leave home for days only you’ll realise how sweet your home is , ahh home sweet home . And her birthday is coming too , it’s so fast , the last post about her birthday is about 4 or 5 page before this page , isn’t it ? Nah I won’t check . And my dad making this family trip or camp , anything it is , which is a big plan because all of my relatives are coming , which is around more than 50 people I can say , and I got offered a job to design shirts and make slide shows , I can’t show the shirts here since it’s classified currently , okay fine , it’s a surprise for them , I must improve my skills of designing already , because I’ve got force to use Adobe Illustrator instead of Adobe Photoshop , argh .


isn’t it so beautiful , spent my 12 hours for downloading it


piggy’s here too ! :D

It’s grey , lack of colors , made me feel like sleeping while I designing the shirt , so I woke up early and design , best moment of all , why ? After I done and I can have a great sleep , in the end I never slept , spent me so much time just for 5 test design , holy cow . Okay that’s all , I hope there’re stuffs that can made me busy instead of emotional , yeah :P



Another freaking awesome experience , the computer didn’t off itself for a week ! Nah , I joined the school basketball team , now I am going black already , seriously , first I was kind of worry about it but who cares , last year I tried playing basketball all day long and I am still fair , until two days earlier .

my skin gone red , hurts when you touch it

today it’s still the same , but gone darker a lot , so no more pale sick-like boy look anymore , but at the same time , tan skin helps hiding my pimples too . Basketball , did we win ? No .

okay let’s go back to the past , last Thursday , which is Deepavali , I wasn’t home , I was at my cousin’s house , and I promised I’ll call her but there’s no phone , I felt so guilty . Just hope that I could enjoy this trip to Penang , yes Penang is where I was those weekends , which made me no time to blog . Try 4 days no Facebook , no handphone , I feel so nerdless ! But lonely too .

And I was hoping she could come along

I survived without handphone , facebook , family , girlfriend and not even a computer . It’s really hard but it’s kind of an awesome achievement , what I get ? Appreciate when I get to be with them more , only when you lost , that’s when you find how important whoever that is . Worst thing is , it was our 9th month anniversary , I’d always thought Sunday is 6th of November , but I found out on Sunday while we’re on the mall that it’s already 7th of November , I knew there’s something wrong with it , God punished me by making me headache all the way home , it’s a very uncomfortable ride , why the heck was I so stupid , sorry .

I felt bad when I see these

72780_1447952075943_1147433426_31016935_2767504_n  76262_1447948435852_1147433426_31016930_4779565_n


She’s the sweetest thing happened to me , always

So I tried paying back to her , but no matter how much I give , it’s not enough , so no matter what I must keep this relationship strong , and stay forever that’s all I can do currently :)

And so on , Monday . Basketball practice , and unfortunately I didn’t bring my t-shirt , but as long as I can skip class , that’s awesome enough . So we practiced , because the next day is game day , so fast I know right , our school is specially made for delayed information giver and zero sponsor , and we actually borrow basketball jersey from our school , why ? Keep it for next year plus they got no money to sponsor , or it’s just our selfish principle ? Nevermind as long as I can skip class , that’s awesome enough :P You know , we lost , so nothing much to say , don’t want to complain or anything , we all know why . NAH WE WON THE FIRST MATCH 60 – 02 , then lost .

haha , don’t make me start about the girl’s match .

So that’s all , I am black , call me nigga I won’t mind , sorry wifie I hope you forgive me for everything that happened , and I am bookless , how am I going to study next year , oh crap .