I love my readers


I hope that I know who you are.

2 posts are sent to the trash and I just can’t leave the blog empty, I was planning to delete this blog too until I saw


from the genius, ~yuumei

Imagine if it’s the blog and I, :D

cannot delete this blog no matter what ! :D It’s part of me now, hell or heaven, it’s my memories, after writing diary is old school, and papers can be easily throw away, not this, they make sure first and need a reason, whatt ? Yeah. So, the annoying way to delete (yes you did it, wordpress). plus the sad .swf above made me stay. The song of the .swf is so creepy! Be sure you mute when you’re reading :D Any brain seizure or problems caused by this music, I will.. try to donate at least ?

edit: damn, wordpress, when will you learn html codes?!


understand ?


One response

  1. HI THERE. Stumbled upon your blog and found it cool. :D

    July 17, 2011 at 8:56 am

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